Grad Training Program

Care Anywhere is a 9-credit multidisciplinary graduate training sub-curriculum targeted at students enrolled in any of a range of participating disciplines (engineering, computer science, health sciences, etc) who are interested in designing, deploying, and using biosensors in a broad range of healthcare applications.


The program offers 12-month stipends to master’s and PhD students (or top-ups if they have won major external awards) to support them while taking the Care Anywhere course curriculum. Current stipends are:

  • MASc: $24,000; top-up: $4000
  • PhD: $26,000; top-up: $5000

In addition, students who continue to participate in the Care Anywhere program will receive a supplemental award of $1000 in the second year of a master’s program or $2000 in up to three additional years of a PhD program.

Application Process Overview

  • Identify Supervisor: Identify a potential Care Anywhere supervisor and discuss your interest in participating in this program
  • Supervisor Submits Nomination: If your proposed supervisor agrees, they will submit a nomination to the Care Anywhere evaluation committee
  • Apply to Graduate Program: Apply to your desired graduate program (on the advice of your proposed supervisor)
  • Receive Offer(s): Once the two admission decisions (to Care Anywhere and the graduate program) are made, you will receive the corresponding offers

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